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Pacific Mall


Pacific Mall is unique amongst retail malls. Store units are sold to individual owners just like a residential condominium. The unit owners have freedom over decisions such as the type of business, merchandise sold, and resale of the units. 

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Pacific Heritage Town for LEASE

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  • Pacific Heritage town is located on the second floor on Pacific Malls. 

  • Some of the original artwork is designed and created by artist and sculptors in China specifically for the Pacific atmosphere. Some of the art works include Bas-Reliefs of dragons, Lanterns, and Emperor's chair and a Crouching Lion. 

  • There is also a stage to plays host to various cultural programs and trade fairs. 

  • Pacific mall is one of the largest indoor Asian shopping centres in North America and has become one of the Greater Toronto Area's most popular shopping destinations since its opening in 1996. 

  • The mall is a shopping attraction that incorporates a traditional Pacific market style and visitors are offered a unique oriental shopping experience. 

  • As an official Canadian Tourist Attraction, the mall is exempt form the Retail Business Holiday Act and is year-round including statutory holidays. Pacific mall also host festivals and celebrations for the community. 

  • Pacific Mall's strategic location at Kennedy and Steeles has made it not only a major shopping destination but also a favourite community and cultural centre for the Asian community living in the Toronto and Markham areas and beyond. The surrounding area accommodates both established residential neighbourhoods and the corporate headquarters of such companies such as IBM and Motorola, with easy access to public transit and major highways. 

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